Very Difficult time setting up - RESOLVED

Okay, I have the game master account, I have the player installed, however every time I launch the player it asks to link my device to the player and I end up with multiples of the save device in my control panel. Only the most current is listed as active, however when I play a mood or a sound from the master control panel no sound comes out on my end, neither does it come out of my player end when he has his player running. Going nuts here.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the player, linked my system again, and entered the master control panel and started music. No sound. My sound devices work find, listening to Loreena McKennitt right now. The master sound switches are not low, BUT neither is the player appearing to activate on my win10 desktop.

Hi @jamesbeadle haven’t I already responded to your email?. Were you able to follow the steps and check out the troubleshooting video I linked?

You should only need to link your device once and then your system should remember it. When trying to link are you properly logged into your account on the website and have fully completed the Captcha? Are you using any type of adware blocker that could be blocking the app from correctly linking?

If you can respond to my last email with the details I asked you rather than here it should be a lot easier than us trying to have two separate conversations going :slight_smile: