Version 1.4.2 - 3rd Party Integration? - RESOLVED


Hey, all. I see the new Syrinscape version. Is it compatible with the DOE Sound extension/3rd party integration? I don’t want to upgrade until I’m sure. I suppose I could download and test it if it hasn’t been tested yet. Let me know. Thanks!


I tested this morning and it is not working for me. DOE Sound wasn’t triggering it, so I tested a few other places. I have an Elgato Stream Deck that I use to manually trigger sounds and it isn’t working either. Even manually calling the URI isn’t working. For example, if you paste “syrinscape-fantasy:elements/dmFsZXJvcy1tYWxlLWZpZ2h0ZXI6OmRhZ2dlci1oaXQtY29weQ/play/” into the Windows run box it used to trigger the sounds. As far as I can tell, 3rd party integration is completley broken in 1.4.2 (or at least for my install).



Yeah, sometimes that happens. Dulux-Oz will probably be by soon and note that he will need to look at the upgrade and to hang tight for now. I won’t upgrade yet!


Some people mentioned it on another thread so I’ve sent those comments over to the Dev Team to look at. We’ll get back to you a bit later with an answer once Aus wakes up :grin:


@lordgwydione @don This should be fixed with 1.4.3 out now for Fantasy and Sci-Fi players on Windows.


Excellent! Thanks so much!