Verification Link - RESOLVED

Trying to buy a sound set in the store and it keeps telling me I need a verification link but I’ve been looking for a while and I can’t find one. I tried sending an email to support@syrinscape but the email address is “unrecognizable” according to gmail.

Please help this poor fool.

Hi @Rainsinger (nice name)

I’ve manually verified your account.

To email support you’ll need to add a .com to the end of that address! :smiley:

Let me know if you are all sorted now! :slight_smile:

I did in the email but I think my computer was being dumb.

Thanks a ton!

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Hi! i have the exact same problem! email needs to be verified, and im not seeing any email in my inbox or spam folder to verify. sent an email to support yesterday. Thank you!

Heya, we haven’t seen an email from your email address at support, can you double confirm you sent to support at syrinscape dot com?

Either way, I’ve verified your account so you should be good to buy now. :slight_smile:

Yeah i sent an email to, weird you havent received it. Anyway thank you very much for verifying my email!

Hello, i have not received my verification email. I’m not sure why, but it never appeared in my spam or inbox folders.
I did send an email to support, but it is the weekend; so thought i would try here just in case.

Hi @Selryam,

I’ve activated your account manually… thought, note, we haven’t seen an email at support yet. Where/when did you send it? :slight_smile:

It was sent from the email address that my account uses, and it was sent on Friday 2021-10-08 1:04 AM to