Vampire the Masquerade Suggestions?


I make use of the Syrinscape library for my dnd-like fantasy games.

Now I’d like to try something different, a modern setting, with Vampire the Masquerade. Does anyone have suggestions for soundsets which fit this setting?

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Ok, so the Sci-Fi player has a lot of the modern sets you’ll need for locations:

Coffee House 2015
House Party 2015
Office 2015
City Street 2015
Car Chase 2017
Beach Cove 2015
Casino - which can double as a high-end bar if you add some of the clinks and chair bumps and pouring a drink sounds from Coffee House and turn off the game sounds.
Government Facility (also good for abandoned buildings in some moods)
Cyberpunk Disco (also has some back room sounds)
Cyberpunk - The Apartment
Cyberpunk Forlorn Hope - modern club and backroom, also street doctor
Grand Hotel 1920 (lacks modern keycard dings and music and whatnot, but otherwise pretty good for modern use)

Some modern music that might be around in shops or whatnot could include:
Music - Smooth Jazz
Music - Chilled

Other useful stuff:
Cultists - chanting and cultists and sacrifices and whatnot
Nyarlathotep - great underground lair stuff and escalating horror
Castle Raveloft - vampire attacks and gothic presence
Affair at Sombrefell Hall 1 - vampire attacks
Death and Virtuosi - vampire attacks
Debouched Gala - sexy party
Vyre Banquet - fancy party
Masquerade - fancy party followed by massacre, which I would guess could happen from time to time in a Vampire game
Blighted Tower - creepy 1920s Paris, with cabaret (for international element or old-fashioned club)
Elements - Horror - to add some general creep factor
Spooky - same
Music - Spooky - for creepy music

I hope this helps! Let me know if you need something else! :slight_smile:

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Wow, thanks! I did not expect such an extensive list, but it actually is very helpful. :smiley:

I’ll have a look at them.


I’ve only played Vampire like once in my life, and read the books only once many years ago, so I wanted to give you as wide a cross-section as I could remember! :smiley:

Once again @HECook proves how awesome she is and what an amazing memory she has! Thanks as always :slight_smile:

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