Using SO where player has the subscription


I vaguely remember reading that its possible for a DM to trigger sounds if one of the players has a subscription that the DM does not have. Like if one of my players had a supersyrin subscription, but I as the DM only have a free one. How does that work in practice? Is the DM using the players auth token to trigger the sounds? or does the DM use their auth token, and the backend checks connected players for rights to the sound?

I am trying to design my extension for FG to work in this scenario, so I need to know which auth token to use to trigger sounds.


Soooo… to use if one of the Players has the SuperSyrin sub:

  1. the Player would log into their account. Setup the game (ie send invites for everyone to follow their game etc
  2. the Player would then copy and share their token with the person actually DMing
  3. this is the token that would be put into FG so that everyone following that game would hear the sounds

Sense makes?


Yes, makes perfect sense. In essence, the player is acting as the syrisncape “DM”. For FG its easy enough to just have the player provide their token to the DM and it should all work.