Using "Randomize" in Sample Play Order issue


We’ve talked about this before. But I couldn’t find the thread so I’m posting again - I have an issue where if I select “randomize” in the Sample Play Order the sound that I want to have randomized from the element playlist and continously looped stops playing. The “Repeat when playlist is exhausted” gets greyed out. Does that mean that you cannot have a random selection of sounds in an element playlist play continously? Or is it a bug? What is the defference between “suffle” and randomized?


@bjornsundell The difference between “shuffle” and “randomized” play order is:

Shuffle playing every element in the sample playlist once before replaying the whole list.

Randomized picks a playlist entry at random, meaning that technically there is no need to repeat the playlist as it wouldn’t “run out of” elements.

That said, the thing you discovered may be a bug or maybe a setting carried over when it shouldn’t. Thanks for pointing it out.

And I hope I could clarify the difference in the sample play order. :slight_smile: