Using 'Custom Moods' :online player

Can you use the enigmatic silence from the standalone player in the online player? I mean set it up in the online player. Although I guess it would be good to know if I set it up in the stand alone could I then port it over to the online whilst retaining the setup from the standalone, make sense

Edit: now I think I know the answer to my first question as a NO. I am then lead to wonder if its suggested or preferable to use the standalone player when in the initial stages of creating a soundset. Comments/suggestions appreciated. thx!

Hi @louiskellor, are you a SuperSyrin and am I right in thinking you’re trying to make custom Soundsets? Are you creating your custom Soundsets in the Offline Player or using the Online Soundset Creator?

Everything you have available in your Offline Player (Fantasy, Sci-Fi or Board Game) will be available in the Online and vice versa. Everything you create in the Online SoundSet Creator (my preferred method) will become available for download to use in the Offline Player.

If you’re only using the Offline Player, you can create a campaign via the website (see the Your Campaigns button next to your account name at the very top) that includes the enigmatic silence. That way you can combine it with any other Soundsets you have access to. Does that make sense?

So there are options.

I much prefer the offline player. I’m exploring a freetrial of supersyrin. I think ive mostly answered myself by now. I wanted to use the functionality of the enigmatic silence, which is “briliiant!” to quote Ben, in the online player. That is, the ability to get things playing the way I like and click a button to save it that way is much preferred to duplicating/copying and using the property inspector/slidey bars.

I’m not a SoundSet creator myself, so may not be understanding exactly what you’re trying to do, but is this what the “Save Current State” and “Save Current State as a new Mood” in the mood Property Inspector does?