Using creator on ipad?


I searched for these answers for an hour and I couldn’t find them. Sorry if I missed them. I am a supersyrin already. I am using an iPad 6th gen running iOS 12.4

  1. can I use the soundset creator on my iPad to create/edit SoundSets or can I only do it on a full computer? I am just starting out.

1a) if I can use an iPad, I do seem to be able to log into the creator, then I have a bigger question. when I select any element or sample to listen to the creator shows me it playing but I hear nothing. I see the bars move as if it is playing. I’ve checked volume and it works for the regular player but not creator. I’ve turned all volumes in creator up to max. This is why I suspect an issue using my iPad but if there is no issue using an iPad then how do I fix this sound issue?


@gregalso1 You could probably use the master interface on an iPad (although I haven’t tested it on iOS Safari), but you probably won’t be able to run both Safari (for the master interface) and the Syrinscape Online Player app (for audio playback) on the same iPad at the same time, unless the latest iPad/iOS allows the two apps to run simultaneously in a split screen mode?