Users: Turn on Developer Feedback!

Hey, all! If you’re using the app and experiencing trouble, rather than getting mad at the developers, take a second to check your privacy settings. More likely than not, there’s a setting that says something to the effect of “Share data with the developer.”

This is how the developers know when a crash occurs and gives them a system synopsis of what happened when the crash occurred. It doesn’t tell them your browser history, your Spotify playlists, or anything else. Just, “It broke and this is what happened just before it broke.”

I’m dealing with the download and crash issue on tablets that’s been ongoing for a while, and I suspect there’s been no resolution because the developers aren’t getting the system reports necessary to track down the bug. So if you don’t mind, take a moment. Check your privacy settings, and turn on that Share Data With Developer feature. I’d like to start using Syrinscape at my table again, but they need more information to fix it. Please and thanks.