USEFUL HINTS to get Online player working

I’ve been using Syrinscape for about a year or 2 now, like most people I have been playing primarily online for the last few months.

Every time I have tried to use the online player, I have had nothing but problems. We have not once been able to get all of my players connected.
One player when he clicked on my invite was placed as DM and unable to figure out how to switch back to the minion account.

Another has sound playing so low that he can barely hear it. Two of my other players have problems with being logged in as that DM, but are usually able to resolve it by logging in and out or messing around with settings. However, it always takes a while. My players were all listed as my minions in the interface but now the one who listed as a DM cannot figure out how to get back into my game.

My players have tried using the app, the browser, different cpus. Nothing seems to fix it and just getting half of my group to connect properly takes 30-45 mins. We have not even bothered the last 2 sessions because it is just a frustrating time suck. So, I figured I would post and see if I can get it some tips or tricks to figure this out so we can try one more time, before I cancel my account.

Hi @ortizna85,

There’ll be plenty of people happy to help you out here. :smiley:

So good job you reached out. :slight_smile:

You’ll find, I suspect that 85% of your probs are user error on your Player’s part… so let’s get them sorted out!

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Number one place to start is here:

Make sure they really HAVE followed all the steps here! You’d be surprised (or perhaps not). :smiley:

Make sure everyone is using their own separate account. Make sure everyone is ACTUALLY running the Online Player App somewhere, AND it shows that it is linked to THEIR account AND it shows YOU as GM.

When you click a new MOOD, their art should change to show the SoundSet you have started playing.

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What are you using for voice communication? Some apps turn everything else down on the system. You can fix this in the voice app software and/or in the system mixer.

NOTE: if someone is stuck not linked or not following or something like that, often a restart of the App and/or a refresh of the Control Panel page can fix this.

Perhaps start with all that info and then and then send some specific questions with screenshots maybe… and we’ll sort those out one by one.

Maybe have a couple of one on one link ups with your Players away from game time to get them sorted.

And NOTE: there ARE still some bumps and rough corners on this BETA thing
But also NOTE: there are also MANY people using the Online Player all day in MANY games (including us) so we do know it is basically working correctly at the moment.

Most of all: watch out for ACTUAL GOBLINS… they can really cause havoc if they find your fireworks cabinet! :japanese_goblin::crossed_swords:

We’re using Discord for voice. I’ll have that player look into next session. I tried a couple 1 on 1’s initially that seemed to work. Which is why this last session not working out has been especially frustrating.

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Once your connect to a player and they are hearing your sounds (if they DON’T leave your game) they should only have to run the Online Player App and they start hearing you again.

A good test is:

  1. “When I click this MOOD do you see your art change?”
  2. “Are you seeing little audio bars jumping up and down?”

If the answer to 1) is NO, then they are not registered, Linked, of following you = one of these.

If the answer to both of these is YES, then it’s working and they need to sort out their system/app volume (or they have the volume turned down on the actual app))

REMEMBER: to do a restart of the app… that often fixes tangles.