Use of Online Player

Hello Everyone!

Due to trouble with the Discord Bots and YouTube I needed a solution fast for playing music online. So I turned to Syrinscape and purchased the Online Player solution.

But - it doesn’t work properly in the game. I (as GM) hear sound, but no player can. Everyone has a good internet-connection and used the online-player.

I am mainly a GM and not a technically educated person. Please help!

Thanks in advance!

Can I just check that each of your players has downloaded the Online Player App and that you’ve sent them a link to your game?

Sorry if this comes across as a little patronising but this happens more often than you think. You’ll find the link to your game in your Control Panel. Just copy and paste it to your players and they’ll be able to join your game. Their Online Player app should then show You as their Game Master.

Did you work this one out?

Gotta get that sound going! :slight_smile:

I suppose, basically, make sure everyone of your players has watched an executed the steps in this video: