Use in a play-by-post game?

Hi! We use Discord for our play-by-post (pbp) game, and I wonder if I can stream Syrinscape to it. PBP games are text-only, so no one uses a mic, and everyone checks in throughout the day whenever they’re able. Is there a way to embed a link or something so that players can listen whenever they check in? Thanks.

I’m not sure you can pipe it into Discord unless you keep a computer running and connected to a voice channel.
But, if you use the online players I’ve noticed that it will start playing whatever mood I left it on.
So as a DM you can set it to play whatever mood you want, and they will hear it whenever they open their player.
I also just checked, changing the mood while no player is connected will start the mood as soon as they connect, even if the control panel is closed.

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Hmm. The online players might be the way to go. Thank you!