Uploading Elements only to download?

I just want to clarify a couple things to make sure I am understanding and doing things correctly.

You can only create custom soundscapes with the online soundset creator?

and When I add my own music to Syrinscape in the online Soundset Creator I upload it, then I have to download it essentially duplicating the file on my computer to get it into the fantasy player?

Hi @legacyborn
Once you’ve created your custom Soundset in the Soundset Creator, if you look in the Properties Inspector, select the category (e.g. General Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Board Game) and it will show up in the corresponding Offline Player. As with all new Soundsets, it will ask you to download it in the Fantasy Player.

But correct, you can only import your own music and sounds in the Online Soundset Creator.

Hope that helps.