Uploading Element Fails



I’m trying to get my head around uploading to the Syrinscape Online Creator and everytime I try, i get yellow triangle error messages but when I hover over it, I can’t see the error message. I’ve tried every format to get it to work and still can’t get anything to play.

  1. Tried less than 30m duration
  2. Less than 100mb
  3. Downloaded Audacity and converted it to .wav 16-bit 44100 project rate

I’m at a total loss

Please help


Just to make sure I understand it correctly - you have a single sample close to a duration of 30 minutes?
The correct format is key, which helps when it is converted into the format Syrinscape needs. 44.1kHz, 16 bit, stereo(!) and NO metadata attached in the file properties.
How long did you wait? The exclamation mark just shows that the sample is currently converted. If you have files close to a 30 minute duration, this can take quite loooooooooong.


Yeah, I was looking at getting just background music to play, I read it has to be under 100mb?is that right?. Or would it be better to just get individual songs and add it to a playlist?

I have taken the meta data out.

It eventually worked, was really confused as the triangle wouldn’t say anything when hovering over it, so no idea what it meant.


100mb is the maximum size for a soundset rather than an individual sample. A 30 minute sample will be rather large and most likely the reason it’s failing.

When you are uploading any samples, music or sounds you are much better uploading each piece individually so that Syrinscape can then play those samples randomly. If you upload all of the music as one sample then it’s just going to loop it, which will become very repetitive at the table.

So I would suggest that you;

  1. break your sample down into smaller tracks
  2. Make sure the samples are 44k,16bit (cd quality) was files
  3. Make sure all meta data is stripped out
  4. Keep the total size of the soundset to be less then 100mb

Our soundsets are normally between 50 to 80mb, which should give you a good guide as to how much you can fit into a single soundset. The “Shadows of Esteren - Dearg” soundset has an entire album plus ambience :grin:


Thank you, I will give it a go now!


@uk_konydiver I took a look and only saw 2 samples uploaded by you that are showing a transcoding error. Both are 60 minutes long and should have shown a dismissible alert that says “Duration (60m0s) is longer than the allowed limit (30m0s). Please upload a shorter sample.”

If there were other samples that are definitely 30m or less in duration that are still showing up as having a fatal transcoding error (the red exclamation in a triangle), can you please DM me the file to test with?


Oh boy… that’s definitely too long… and really cutting against the whole idea of how the Syrinscape machine works. Yes, @uk_konydiver take @Steve’s ideas and break things up into small chunks to take advantage of the whole random thing.

@sonofconan I think the warning messages are hidden underneath something on my UI (Chrome+Windows10) that’s why people are not seeing them. I’ll try and get you a screen shot. :slight_smile:


Hi, yeah it was my fault with the duration. It worked fine getting the individual songs and adding it as a playlist. Just need to get used to how it all works.

I was using Firefox on Windows 10 and I couldn’t see the triangles, think that’s why I was getting so confused why everything wasn’t working, just had to wait :joy: