Uploaded a Soundscape. How do I use it with my Syrinscale Online Player?


I’m trying to figure out how to use my custom soundscape with imported music files (I find the selection of preset music in the Creator a bit lackluster–not what I’m looking for exactly).

However, I’m unable to find out how to use it with the Online Player, since I DM a campaign with 6 other friends over the internet.


On syrinscapes website, login and then click on “my campaigns”. Once there, create a campaign in the correct player (fantasy, scifi, or board game). Add all the sound sets you want buy searching for their title and hovering over the picture and clicking the plus. Then in the online master interface you can select your campaign and have only the sound sets you need.

Or just search in the online player by the sound sets name. It’s faster this way but you will have to search it every time. Making a campaign keeps things a lot cleaner.



Thanks for the reply. One issue I’m having with the master control panel is when I select my campaign, it highlights the ones I use, but doesn’t hide the others.


I guess you have already uploaded your self-created soundset to the server? It needs to be uploaded to show properly in the Online player.

Regarding the music selection in the Creator - how many soundsets have you imported into the Creator? The more soundsets you import the more music you do have at your disposal. As a quick tip - use the online player to browse the various soundsets and import the ones, which contain music you like into the Creator. :blush:


Have you logged in and made a campaign under your account? I’m not sure why yours isn’t getting rid of the non campaign soundsets. I just loaded my campaign up and that’s all there is. No other soundsets. Maybe @benjamin can help out with that.


Thanks for all the replies. I think I’ve got it sorted out now! Seems to have fixed itself without much of an explanation as to how. I’m also able to see my self-made soundsets in the server now. It turns out they just took a while to show up after I’d uploaded them.


Yeah, soundsets can take some time to process, especially at busy weekends. But if a problem comes up, it’s always better to ask.

Glad it works for you now! :slight_smile: