Upload not working - RESOLVED


I’ve created several new moods in three soundsets which are playing fine on my desktop from within creator. But when I try to hit upload it gives me the disclaimer, I hit agree, it thinks for about two seconds, and then nothing else happens. I can’t tell that it is even attempting the uploads. I’ve checked in appdata and nothing is in the export directory.

Using Firefox on Windows 10. I previously uploaded two soundsets, but have since had to register new devices. I’m doing this from a non-admin privileged account on my machine and I wonder if I’ve broken permissions somehow? Is there a way to transfer soundsets to the player not through your servers? And, is there a way to transfer work in creator to a different machine’s creator interface?



I can add that all the sounds are from other Syrinscape downloads. So, nothing created new, just reorganized for my play.


I shutdown and when I restarted this morning they did upload. Some of them apparently several times. Other than a wish for a way to rename an already uploaded Soundset in the Campaign Manager - this was apparently a fluke and can be closed.


Thanks for letting us know, glad to hear it’s all working now.

As a side note you’ll be pleased to know that the future build of the Creator won’t need to to upload the soundset so no more of these type of problems! :slight_smile: