Updates Won't Update


I keep seeing red flags indicating various sound sets (particularly DMM) need an update. I go to settings and click the update button, but the flags still remain. What’s the deal?


I still need some help with this. The number of updates are increasing but I can’t get them to be gone. What’s the deal?


Sorry about the non-response on this thread… i answered somewhere else but not here.

This is actually a glitch in showing that you NEED an update.

If you’ve run an update already on a SoundSet, then you can trust that you don’t need to again, even though Syrinscape may be telling you you do need to.

We are working on a fix for this too, but it’s not reached the top of our list yet!

NOTE: We also DO update content every now and then… what recently earned a flag just now?


Dotmm and all the saltmarsh are red flagged permanent