Updates to Fantasy Player/iPad?

I am lucky enough to have a group that plays in-person and we prefer to not use a VTT.

The Fantasy player was updated 6 months ago - so it’s definitely getting some love, but I haven’t seen any new features since I first downloaded it long ago.

In particular, I’d love to see some improvements in putting together custom sound sets for upcoming sessions. I also notice that with the latest updates to iOS and their on-screen controls that adjusting the volume is difficult to do. I tend to swipe away from the Fantasy Player instead of increasing the volume.

Is there a roadmap available for the Fantasy Player? What is the release tempo?


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All the attention recently has been on the Web Player where there are a host of excellent new features (better search) (all the customisation etc)

The Fantasy Player is built for strictly basic playback (most stripped down interface etc) = though you might customise in the Web Player and install that custom content on the Fantasy Player. Either way, I would definitely recommend taking a look at the Web Player.

What device are you using to run? I can probably give you some hints about how to make that work for you. :slight_smile:

I’m running on an iPad - looks like the web player isn’t supported on iPad OS.

Can I at least report a feature request? Move the volume slider so that it doesn’t hug the bottom of the iPad display? It’s really hard to adjust the volume because iPad thinks I’m trying to swap to another program (which immediately stops the music when it happens)
Or make it so that the iPad hardware volume adjusts the player volume slider. Attached image shows the white bar for switching program - part of iPadOS - overlapping with the volume slider.

@benjamin - any thoughts? Where can I log this as a bug/feature request?

Updating the UI of the Fantasy Player is something that we have wanted to look at for quite some time. But unfortunately there are several other things ahead of it in the list that need to be done first. Sadly it’s not as simple as just moving the slider, especially with so many makes of tablets out there with different screen formats

If you turn the iPad on it’s side Syrinscape will re-orientate. Does that make the slider any more accessible?

As for logging suggestions, we have a category here in the forums for them. :grin:

Currently the Web Player isn’t but Syrinscape Online is. You will just need to use split screen mode so you can display both the Master interface and the Online Player

Oh - this is clever. Thank you!