Updated Stream Overlay

Found official PF2 stream overlays and customized it a bit. I’m excited to run my next session and had to share. Syrinscape logo prominently featured!


Wow! That looks amazing :grin:


Thanks! Its pretty awesome that Paizo puts a lot of artwork, stream overlays, etc out to the community free. It took me a bit to tweak the layers and get it to where I wanted but definitely worth it. Can’t wait to run my next session now.


Hmmm, video isn’t running using chrome

It opened ok for me in Chrome. You may want to check your settings to make sure something there isn’t blocking it.

Were you able to get it to run?

I’m using a chrome variant called Vivaldi and it’s not working there.
But I opened it in MS Edge and it worked perfectly.

Okay, I give up. I’ve been looking for these overlays but can’t finde them anywhere on the Paizo site.
Where did you get them?

Sorry about that. Was hard to find… In their blog post here:

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