Updated Release Calendar


So.it’s pretty clear that the plans listed in the release calendar are no longer all that close to what’s being worked on. Is there any chance of getting a revised calendar so we know what to expect for the next few months?


@Scrubkai Yup! Lols… things are in tatters… in a VERY good way! :slight_smile:
We’ll get onto an update of that page asap.

What we know now…
@Steve is working on part two for Masks of Ny (almost finished)
@new_vision has just finished part 6 of Strange Aeons (that is in for approval with Paizo right now) & he is now working on part 2 of Curse of Crimson Throne (coming soon)
I am working on part two of Dragon Heist.
PLUS all of these contain lots of great locations and creatures that we’ll be pulling out and releasing as useful standalone SoundSets (soon).

So whatever way you look at it, there’s a WHOLE lot of content coming for Subs.

All good?


Yep, it wasn’t a complaint, as I have plenty to play with between CotCT and DH, both of which I’m considering running next for my group… It was more I was wondering if my game will catch up to your releases. Things got slow for a little while, and I’d prefer to start the adventure that looks like it will be done first.


Also working on Temple of the Twelve (book 2 of Starfinder) the rest of the Pathfinder 2.0 Playtest chapters and more Asian themed Syrinscape Originals so LOTS of new content on its way


Oh, and I wouldn’t actual even have a problem with you complaining! :slight_smile:

Gotta keep us on our toes and in tune with what people are needing!