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@jameskrolak suggested:
Would it be possible to add in a 1 button “Update All” or “Install All?” Unless I’m missing something, we have to click “Install” for each soundset that has updates. For me, today, that means clicking on 92 “Install” buttons. And all I care about is getting the latest for all the sets.

Hi @jameskrolak,

Yes, If you have that many updates you may as well use the REFRESH ALL button (under CLEAR SOUNDSET DATA).

That will delete every SoundSet and redownload it, to make sure you are 100% up to date.

Let me know if that works copletely correctly for you. I’ve only ever used that feature a couple of times.

While it does the job (Refresh All), it is super wasteful of bandwidth: not everyone has unlimited bandwidth on their Internet connection.

Personally, I think it’d be more useful to have a way to quickly filter out those Soundset you have/haven’t downloaded yet - just my $0.02 worth :smile:

And what’s with the new Avatars? - I liked the previous ones for both of you :wink:


@Dulux_Oz, your $0.02 is worth at least $0.035. :smile:


Yeah, but that’s just the $US-$AU exchange rate :smile:


I logged on to suggest this very feature.
As well as being bandwidth heavy, it would take my system about a day to re-download and install all the soundsets, so I’d also really appreciate a “just install anything new” button

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Yup. We hear you. :smile:

Soooo, I’m changing the device we use for Syrinscape in the RPG room…
Did anything get done on this? I’ve clicked “reload” in settings, will that do it?

Edit: I found the “refresh all” button, it seems to re-download ones that are installed, but not ones that are owned but not installed yet.