Upcoming Legacy of Fire campaign


My wife just got me a subscription to Syrinscape, and I am stoked to have access to more than the bugbear battle sound set, lol

I have a group starting the old Legacy of Fire Adventure Path in about two weeks, and could use some suggestions on setting up Syrinscape to make the best of it. We are going to record the games and intend to eventually post them online as well.

I have started putting together a custom campaign, and have already identified some early sound sets that I think I’ll need, Gnoll Battle, Desert, some fire sounds and the like.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

What sorts of sounds do you need? What locations is the adventure set in, what monsters and encounters, what moods are going to be going on? I can certainly recommend the sets for you to build from if I know what you’re looking for!

The first three books of the adventure are set in the desert. The whole AP deals with the aftermath of a genie war, but that’s getting ahead of myself.

The story starts with the party coming into camp to meet their employer, but the camp is on fire!
It gets blamed on a gremlin, which stole a goat, and once all of that is resolved they have to set up a staging ground by clearing out an old temple of Sarenrae which has fallen into disrepair.
In the temple are more pugwampi (the gremlins), baboons, a spider, stirges, and a couple green oozes.

Once they have a functional base of operations, they have to reclaim the Kelmarine battle market from a tribe of gnolls, and their decidedly not gnoll chieftain and his “friends”. Oh, and there’s a dire boar, a demon, and a harpy in town that they’re going to have to fight too.

That doesn’t even touch on clearing out the entity that perverted the local temple in the town and cleansing the lowest levels of daemonic taint making playthings out of the residents above.

I think that covers everything in book 1 without major spoilers to the story.

Desert will definitely be useful for any normal atmosphere you will have while traveling.

So, camp + camp on fire - There is a Desert Camp set, and then Elements - Fire, of course. Screams of distressed people can be found in several sets - Attack on Sandpoint and Debauched Gala are two of them - the elements of “women screaming”, “thug roars”, “riotous yelling”, and “men’s cries” should get the chaos of the attack across.

For the abandoned temple, you might like Caravanserai (from the Dreams of the Yellow King set), as that is a stone building in the desert, abandoned. It also has some magical resonance and creepy elements and one-shots to play up the “eerie” factor of its abandonment. The gremlins could be represented by the Goblin Battle, stirges by Hell Swarm or Sci-Fi player’s Swarm Attack. Spider by Riot and Ruin’s (Black Stars Beckon) “leng spider battle” mood. Tiger Battle has monkey hoots for your baboons! Ooze Battle for your oozes.

The battle market might be best served by the set Slave Market of Okeno (from Whisper Out Of Time), specifically the “laughing fleshfair” mood. There are gnolls already in that set, but Gnoll Battle is always an option! The boar could be done by Heroes of Undarin 3 (Pathfinder Playtest 5), the “boar demon battle”, likely just using the boar demon grunts and flesh attacks and whatnot. That set also has battles for a toad demon and mutilation demon, so that should be plenty of demons to go around. The set Into the Valley has a Harpy Monk mood that should work for your harpy.

The being in the local temple, you don’t mention what it is, but there are sets for Ghouls, Wraiths, and Undead, if it is something of that ilk. If you need something more specific, let me know (or PM if you don’t want to post spoilers).


wow that’s thorough!

I’ll PM you with more details about the creature under the temple

Thank you!

OK, whenever HECook replies it’s a joy to the eyes and ears. It reminds me of those gifted librarians that seem to know every in and out of all the alleys, shelves and books. Simply incredible :sunglasses:


I am learning!
HECook has been a HUGE help. I’m not sure hitting the “like” button is enough


@HECook is one of our greatest treasures! We have such an amazing community :grin:


Aww, thanks so much guys! :blush:


Update: We ran the first day, and the players LOVED all the sound suggestions!
Unfortunately, when I played back the recording and made some edits to for a couple reasons (clarity, content, volume of the speaker)
I kinda lost my desert soundset in the edits.
I’m going to have to find a way to route the Syrinscape audio to a separate recording track instead of recording a live mixdown going forward.

Thank you all again, especially @HECook for the fantastic soundset suggestions and support!

Off to do more research!

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