Untitled Soundsets in Online Player

Hi everyone. I have just begun to use the Online Player, and I’ve notice that each time I use it, it adds an Untitled soundset to my list of soundsets. These untitled soundsets just contain all the standard one-shots, but nothing else, and I can’t really do anything with them. They also show up now in my Fantasy Player list too. How do I delete them? They are starting to clutter up my list.

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It’s because you click the + soundset sometimes.

developers: Can we move it to the right? I find myself clicking it by accident so many times…

Ah… okay. I understand. Hmm. Yeah, I must have clicked it numerous times by mistake, and did not even realize what the function of it was. I’m guessing it is like a version of a Custom Mood?

After messing around for a while, I figured out how to delete them too. But it took a while.

Is there documentation somewhere on the functions of the Online Player?

ZOMG yes, I miss-click that all the time lol

A move to the right would help, and/or a confirmation box.

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Yes. We’ve put this on the list to do.

It is WAY too easy to make “Untitled” SoundSets… there’s, like, a plague of them on the server! :smiley:


How DO you delete them? I’m pretty sure I’ve never even hit that + button, but I have eight of them on my list and I can’t fine any way of getting rid of them!

Edit: Ok, so I found out you click on the Untitled sound set, then go all the way to the right to Property Inspector. Then click on Soundset right below it, and from there you can delete it. In case anyone else needs to know!


Sorry for the slow response, I’ve been without internet all-day :sob::exploding_head:

But yes open the properties tab, then the soundset and then click “delete soundset”

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I know it’s very old and I’m sorry for necromancing, but the problem still persists. Any update on moving it somewhere else or a confirmation box of sorts?

We are actually (soon) taking a look at the WHOLE Web Player (Online Player) Master UI, so this will get done when we do that… just a few other BIG things still in the way at the moment still.

THANK for your patience… AND (seriously) thanks for bumping this… user feedback is an important component in setting our priorities.

Squeaky wheel and all that… :wink: :slight_smile: