Untitled Soundsets in Online Player


Hi everyone. I have just begun to use the Online Player, and I’ve notice that each time I use it, it adds an Untitled soundset to my list of soundsets. These untitled soundsets just contain all the standard one-shots, but nothing else, and I can’t really do anything with them. They also show up now in my Fantasy Player list too. How do I delete them? They are starting to clutter up my list.


It’s because you click the + soundset sometimes.

developers: Can we move it to the right? I find myself clicking it by accident so many times…


Ah… okay. I understand. Hmm. Yeah, I must have clicked it numerous times by mistake, and did not even realize what the function of it was. I’m guessing it is like a version of a Custom Mood?

After messing around for a while, I figured out how to delete them too. But it took a while.

Is there documentation somewhere on the functions of the Online Player?


ZOMG yes, I miss-click that all the time lol

A move to the right would help, and/or a confirmation box.


Yes. We’ve put this on the list to do.

It is WAY too easy to make “Untitled” SoundSets… there’s, like, a plague of them on the server! :smiley: