Unlink (Your Linked Devices) broken?

Hi all. I cant unlink older Apps from “Your Linked Devices” in https://syrinscape.com/online/cp/

There is a Link present, but something is missing. When I “inspect the element” in the Browser Dev Tools there is only this:

<div class="mm-device-unlink"><i class="fa fa-chain-broken" title="Unlink"></i></div>

Screenshot from 2024-02-16 22-00-55

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Thanks for letting us know! You are absolutely right, there should be an icon shown there that you can click on to unlink your device.

I have gone around and hopefully fixed all these icons that were missed when we moved from Font Awesome 4 to Font Awesome 5 :smiley:

In short - try again, and know your detailed and thoughtful report is much appreciated. :hammer: :bug: :chains:

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Amazing! Thank you!

Screenshot from 2024-02-20 18-44-46

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