"Unlink All" function -

Hello gentlefolk!

I have an odd issue with one of my players - everyone’s just fine in linking to Syrinscape; he links, sees me as the GM and his name pops up, but we don’t any change in the player when I push a mood or sound, and, of course, he hears nothing.

We dug about a bit and found an anomaly - under ‘your linked devices’ in the control panel, he’s showing four instances of the same device (prior links, likely) - but he cannot affect three of the four, and none of them have an ‘unlink’ icon or capability.

We think he’s getting sound channels sent to one of these other false links, but can’t clean the links out. Any advice?

Weirdness! :robot:

Wanna share his user account email with me (probs easiest to do so privately via benjamin at syrinscape dot com) and I’ll take a look and get it sorted… can probs do on his account admin page. :bug: :hammer:

Hey, Benjamin -

Thanks for your attention - I’ve sent you the email (and will report here on outcomes). You should know that Ace made a second account to try things out; it’s definitely something strange in the linking. His second login worked in the same setup.