Universal Player? + Basic mode

Hi! Maybe a suggestion but there might be a solution that Mr Dyslexic here has missed in all the text.

Is there a Universal Player so I can get browse all the sound sets so I can use the noise of a big dragon or some chilled hamlet music from a fantasy sounds set as well a train station and tommy gun?

And if that has been solved then can I ask for a basic mode for the players to trim down the amount of text? Being dyslexic also brings Dyspraxia so I’m rubbish at computer games as I can’t process instructions to press a button under pressure. If anything can be done to make the interface less fancy that would be very helpful in finding the right button to press under pressure.


The Online Player has all the sounds in one place, so that may be a solution for that need. I don’t know about a basic mode, however, so I shall leave that to the Syrinscape staff.

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