"Unified" Player option


I know you can make sound groups that show up in the opposite player (Fantasy in Sci-fi and vice versa) but there should be an option to show both in the same player, or have a unified player that has them all and sorts them by type. For some games (Call of Cthulhu for example) you will find sounds in both sci-fi and fantasy, which can be a pain to sit there and make lists for both. Just something to make it easier for those who don’t want to run two programs at once or take extra steps to get the sounds working.


Yup. We are DEFINITELY heading int his direction.

Probably something that hides or shows Genres within the player… AND/OR the ability to ‘skin’ the player to match the theme at your table. :slight_smile:

Keep the feedback coming!!! :beers:


@nephanor Also, the Online Player has instant access to all your content across genres and without having to download and install individual soundsets.


How about these:

  • As you say, a custom skin setting (Sci-fi, Fantasy, board, horror, custom) for the app, and maybe one day make an SDK for folks to come up with their own skins
  • “themes” which change the skin as well as which soundsets are visible.

For one thing, doing that would cut down on development as only one app is needed, and it will be whatever is needed. You can have it with the default three at first, but add in more later, and allow folks to make their own custom themes for their own games.

Based on what you have on the UI already, it wouldn’t be hard to add in (one extra button at the bottom left) and have it bring up it’s own window to add new themes, and then you can enable and disable the soundsets which are visible from a list on the side and of course name them and choose the skin.

Yeah, you can tell I design UIs, I already have an image of how this looks in my head :wink:


Very true, but I must admit, I’m a sucker for a good app which doesn’t require a network connection, and it’s bandwidth, especially since my games are all run online. :sweat_smile: