Understanding Subscription


Hi,I need some help with some questions about the subscription:

  1. I understand that with a subscription I get access to all content created so far, plus I will forever own any new created material, is that right?
  2. Does that mean that if I want to cancel my subscription, I would still own packs released while I was subscriber and could use them even so I am not a subscriber anymore?
  3. If I want access to a pack released before I was a subscriber I either have to subscribe or buy it, is that right? If so, I get your business model, but I think that is not attractive to someone join so late.
  4. If I subscribe for 2 months and cancel my subscription what will I have access to?

Thanks in advance.

  1. A SuperSyrin subscription unlocks access to ALL of our content and the D&D, Pathfinder, and Sci-fi Subscriptions unlock access to all of our content from either the Fantasy or Sci-Fi Players for the duration of your subscription. Additionally, you will gain permanent ownership of any new content WHILST you are subscribed

  2. Yes, any packs you have gained permanent ownership of are yours to keep and can be used forever, even without any form of subscription. Soundsets that you gained access to however will stop once your subscription stops.

  3. The Player already includes 8 free soundsets and you can then either purchase additional ones as you need them or subscribe to unlock access to them all. Someone who has subscribed for several years will have unlocked several years worth of content to keep as there own, someone that only subs for a couple of months will only unlock a couple of months of content to keep. I think that’s quite fair, don’t you? Someone subscribing to us now gains access to a HUGE catalogue of sounds to use.

  4. When you cancel a sub you keep access to the free soundsets plus any soundsets released during the period you had an active sub (See answer 1)

Hope that helps answer your questions :slight_smile:


Thank you very much, and yes, it does answer my questions.

Also, yes, I do think it’s fair, only not attractive. Its like look at a marathon run and see that the other participants have started 1 hour ago. I mean, If you could re-release some of the content once in a while I wouldn’t feel that way. As more creative as you can get, most of the basic stuff was already created and now can only be aquired buying it. What I suggest as that once in a while you would have the pack of the month re-release, so people joining later would feel they also benefit from what you created in the past, only not as much as those high-value faithfull subscribers.

I am not trying to teach you your business, neither am I making a market study, just pointing out how I feel. Just to be clear, I also didn’t think about that out of the blue, audible.com do something similar to what I mentioned. Sure Amazon is a gigantic leader on the market and can’t be compared to Syrinscape, still I would feel way more attracted to your plan if you would implement somekind of retroactive benefit.

I will try the program and see how I like it, but it really seems to be a very good work.

Thanks again.


A nice idea and something we can definitely look at but don’t forget our subscriptions already offer a LOT of content for the price. As of the end of March, we have released more than $100 worth of new content since the beginning of the year. All SuperSyrin subscribers now have permanent ownership of this content for a cost of just $33 ($10.99 per month) as well as full access of all of our previously released content, the Syrinscape Soundset Creator and Syrinscape Online. Likewise, for both the Sci-fi, D&D and Pathfinder subscriptions, we have just released a lot of new content which to buy from the store is valued more than the cost of the sub.

Many subscription services such as Netflix, apple music, spotify, etc. only grant you access, not ownership, you can only access their content whilst you are subscribing. With our sub the longer you support Syrinscape and the development of the app the more content we can produce and the more you get added to your permanent gallery, content that would cost a lot more to purchase individually.

If anything I would say now is the perfect time to grab a sub, instant access to over 400 soundsets, tools to build your own content and play online and permanent ownership of any new content we release including D&D, Pathfinder, Starfinder and Call of Cthulhu and if you decided to leave the sub you still have ownership of content that would have cost you more to purchase directly from the store.


Thank you very much for your help and attention. I am really enjoying it so far.


Excellent, enjoy! And always free to ask here or at support if you have any other questions

Annnd THANKS for your support as a subscriber :slight_smile:


Sorry to hijack, I finally just subscribed to supersyrin. I’ve bought stuff previously, so I’m a little confused. Only because I’m curious to the stuff I do have and don’t have. Meaning if I unsubscribe, what packs do I actually have. I thought after clicking some of the D&D packs (kenku battle for example) and it had a price tag that those are the ones I can use while subscribed, but don’t own them. I then started clicking on some stuff I’m almost positive I don’t own, but it doesn’t have a price but has a “you already have access to this soundset”. So is there an easy way to see what you actually own? It only just says, for myself, that I have 31 soundsets for yours to keep.