Under A Fell Black Sky / FGU


I really enjoy your small open adventure “Under A Fell Black Sky” which is why I today did SuperSyrin me at least for the trial period :slight_smile:

However, my target was to integrate and use the Fantasy Grounds Unity possibility to add sounds to self build modules; which I tried to do with above adventure (only private use of course). Finally I was able to even find the sounds of the “fell under a black sky” soundset as well in FGU as your web player, but there is a small drwaback I wanted to report here:

it seems to me that when I import all soundset links into FGU through the “web import” data mangement tool build into FGU, that I can find manually all single sounds of above adventure, but they are not connected to a specific “sound pack” like many other titles are. So I would have to sort by name and choose them one by one.

As all other soundpacks seem to be rightly connected (I did the download into FGU several times), maybe you could check and repair it if possible.

Thanks and have a nice day!

This would no longer be urgent - I did the work by finding all linked sounds in FGU manually. But the topic remains the same - I wonder why those sounds are not linked into a sound pack. Maybe this is a FGU topic and not a Syrinscape one, but all other packs seem to be linked.

Whatever, there would be no reply required from your side here at this topic any longer as I figured out for myself.


Thanks for letting us know Mirko and welcome to Syrinscape! :grin:

Glad to hear that you were able to build it anyway and enjoyed the adventure, definitely one of Ben’s fun ones!

We can raise this with FGU and see if we can find out between us why it didn’t appear as a pack. But the main thing is that you do now have it working for you!


I finalized the mod “under a fell black sky” for FGU, incorporated the syrinscape sound set etc. I wonder, would you like to have the mod? It is obviously only for private use but I would give it to Syrinscape of course as well as it is and you can do with it what you wish (put it into the FGU store maybe?).

If not, also fine :slight_smile: Just wanted to offer it…

Have a nice day & best regards,

@Mirko that’s amazing! Thanks for letting us know and yes we would love to try the module out, thank you! :grinning:

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Perfect Would you like me to PM or email it to you instead of making it public here?

Edit: I did send it to you per email with google drive links.

Best regards,

Fantastic, thanks for that. I’ve got the email and look forward to trying it out :grin:

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