Unable to Verify Email in Syrinscape Shop

Hello, I am unable to purchase items from the store as it is asking me to verify my email but I am not receiving any emails and there is nothing in my spam folder. If someone could manually verify me then it would be much appreciated.

I have the exact same issue. Contacted support almost a week ago and still have not heard anything. Nothing in Spam folder and I know the email address is correct as I received an email when I cashed in a voucher.

Some help from support would be appreciated…

Heya both. :slight_smile:

@slukowski your account is now verified, as you certainly seeeeeem to be human! :smiley:

@BillBoy your account already looks to be good.

Working for everybody now? :slight_smile:

I am having this same issue today. Any help? Thanks!

Heya @astrocat,

I’ve jumped on the server and verified you manually…

I see you’ve grabbed a SuperSyrin sub…! :slight_smile: :pizza: :beer: :fireworks:

THANKS for your support!

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I am having the same problem please

Hi @morganlovern

support at syrinscape dot com is definitely the best place for this sort of request. We’ll get you sorted quick smart. We don’t always see posts here quite as quickly. :slight_smile:

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I’m having the same problem

I believe I found your user and manually verified for you - let me know how you go!

If I’m allowed to interfere, I’m having the same problem. You guys also don’t seem to receive my mails to support, given how fast you answer here in the Forums (I’ve mailed you Saturday, so that might be wrong).

Additionally, “normal” Super Syrin Paypal Purchases never seem to go through - I’ve tried several browsers and devices now, never completes.

I did, however, find out about the voucher codes and that one did work - but I didn’t get a mail with any redeeming code…

To add fire on top of all of this, I’ve tried with several mails and by now I have no idea what I used for what. I could certainly try somehow and give you the paypal invoice, if we somehow figure out how I can actuall mail to you guys.

Hey @haertl.christoph

I think we responded to your email on support at syrinscape dot com now, yes?

Yes. Thank you so very much for the app & help! :slight_smile: