Unable to upload soundset - RESOLVED


Hello, I’ve recently made a custom soundset, but when I try and upload it to the server, nothing seems to happen. I see the blue bar move across the top of the screen. But after waiting hours, I don’t see my custom soundset on any device or in My Campaign on the website.

Steps i’ve taken:

  1. Assigned a Genre under the SoundSet Inspector (fantasy)
  2. Made sure .zip file is under 100MB
  3. Shut down soundset creator and clear the export folder here: C:\Users[YOURUSERNAME]AppData\Local\Syrinscape\Syrinscape SoundSet Creator\media\export
  4. After clearing export folder, try re uploading.


Did you include your own samples? If so, make sure, they are in the correct format when importing them into the creator. A sample should be a WAV file, 44.1kHz 16bit stereo as sample rate and all metadata should be removed.
And you are sure that you uploaded the soundset and not only exported it?


Wanna export the zip file and share it with me.

I’ll try an upload = I get to see errors.

As @new_vision suggests, the next most likely problem is a broken sample.

WE CAN DO IT! :smiley:


I didn’t use any personal samples. Everything was from syrinscape.

Here is a link to the zip file:


I’ll take a look at this as soon as i am at my desk on Monday… bump me if I seem to have forgotten. :slight_smile:


Sooo… I was able to successfully upload this SoundSet and install and play.

I also see a successfully uiploaded version YOU uploaded.

Do you see that right at the bottom of your SoundSet list?

What did you build this for specifically? Is it something I can share as Community Content?


I was able to successfully upload the soundsets by installing the soundset creator on my home computer and re-creating the soundsets there. For some reason, my other computer wasn’t allowing uploads? Maybe some security measure i’m unaware of?

I built these with pre existing elements from syrinscape’s library for personal use in my home D&D game. You can share these with the Community if you’d like :slight_smile:

I made 3:
The KuoToa Cavern
Doncaster Village
Coleberry Forest


Great, we’ll take a listen! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Are these for a specific adventure?


No. The moods are mostly for local ambiance for my players. There are a few moods for some fights with an Ogre and a Giant Octopus.


This could be awesome @Steve!


Yup planning to take a proper listen to them all tomorrow!

I’m especially intrigued by the giant octopus :grin:


I put in an “Alarm Bell” one shot that i press right when I trigger the mood “Kranresh Arrives”.

The scenario is the players are fighting in a large underground cove just behind a waterfall. There is a wrecked ship with a partially submerged bell in the cove, and when the bell is struck it calls the Giant Octopus “Kranresh” to come and attack the players :smiley: