Unable To Rearrange Sound Sets In Campaigns


Hi all, I have previously set up some sound sets for my different campaigns, but when logging in to Syrinscape (on my computer) today I find that all of the sound sets for each campaign are no longer in the order I placed them in. And it does not seem like I can fix this order from here at the website using the Your Campaigns page. Am I doing something wrong that has caused this? Its kinda hard to run a campaign when all the sound sets are all out of order and scattered about.


You definitely should be able to re-order SoundSets within A Campaign… @sonofconan could you check this out? Have you tried a different browser? Different device?

Reordering of actual Campaigns is still something that is waiting to pop to the top of the priority list and get fixed.


Hi Steve,

I just logged into the Syrinscape program from both my computer and my Galaxy tablet. Both show the order of the sound sets in each campaign to be mixed up and random. But when I go to the website (here) to look at the order of the sound sets, they are just the way I want them. I tried to move them around here on the website, and I can, but those changes do not reflect in the Syrinscape player on either my computer or tablet.


I have the same issue: Chrome browser, Ipad tablet. Thanks for looking into it.


Website has everything nice and neat soundset-wise in each campaign.
App on computer and App on phone appear randomly jumbled inside campaign.
Note: They are jumbled in the same order in the campaign on both Apps.
I would like to reorder the campaigns as well, but i hear that is a to-plan-for further down the checklist, so I can hold off on that one.