Unable to pay subscription via Paypal

Hi, I’m from Argentina and I’ve been having some issues while trying to pay for the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS subscription. I’ve found another topic with someone of my country having the same issue, apparently the problem has been solved via mail, could you lend me a hand? I have the FG Unity addon’s but can’t use them due to this subscription problem-

Yes, unfortunately some users in Argentina don’t seem to be able to use PayPal’s automated payment system, which is what we currently use for our automatically renewing subscriptions.

Alternatively though, we do sell subscription vouchers in our store. These function just like a normal subscription but just grant 60 day blocks. PayPal still processes the payment, but you can do so as a guest and don’t need a PayPal account. You can also purchase those same vouchers from the Paizo store using a debit or credit card.

Yes, I finally went with the Paizo voucher. Everything’s looking good on FG Unity. One last question. Can I buy and stack subscription months? Or I have to wait until the current two month period expires??

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