Unable to Name or Rename Soundsets - RESOLVED

I have tried a few times now and I can’t seem to name or rename a soundset. I initially duplicated a set and made modification and hoped to give it a different name, but the name keeps reverting to the “Brindol Town (Custom)” name no matter how many times I change it.

Similarly, I created a custom soundset and tried to name it but even the new set keeps reverting the name back to “Untitled”.

Am I missing something? The reverted names to appear in the player on my linked devices but never with the custom names I try and give them.

Are you trying to do this in the new Online Creator or the old downloadable Soundset Creator?

So, how long does the name stay changed in the Online Creator? What triggers it to revert? Or does it change in the Creator and stay the same in the Fantasy Player?

All these questions and probably more. :smiley:

So for the first question: I am using the online Creator as I didn’t see a download for the other one.

For the other questions: it triggers after I reload the page of if I sync settings. But that being said, I have both the fantasy player and the editor open so at no stage does the new soundset show on the fantasy player with the new name it becomes available with the old name i.e “Untitled” or “Brindal Town (Custom)” and then once I reset the browser or if I make a change to the soundset online the online name will revert back to the same as the ones that became available on the fantasy player.

From a technical point of view, I would guess that the name change stays in the browser cache but doesn’t get committed to the back-end database. That would be my guess.

@werner.knoesen This should be fixed now. Thanks for the report!

Tested and yes it’s keeping the name now. Thanks a lot

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Opened the Online Soundset Creator and pressed Add Soundset, but did not get any prompt to name it, showed a progress bar, then nothing. I repeated this step a few times with the same results. When I expanded the Soundset list however there were several new Soundsets all named Untitled. I do not see any way to rename them. What is the correct process to create and name a new Soundset? Using 1.4.11-p9