Unable to link Online Player


Sorry, something went wrong

What’s happening? We have probably made a mistake that wasn’t immediately obvious until now. We’ve already been sent an automatic email about this, and will fix the problem as soon as possible.

Ive tried clearing cache and cookies, and different browsers. Any suggestions>


@david.laselle Thanks. I’ve found a bug. I have not yet deployed a more permanent fix, but I think I’ve cleared some data at our end that may have been preventing you from linking your device. Can you try again?


Still can not link the account. Its gets me a step further, but the second step after it verifies my information I clink the link. The same things happens. I am running out of time and patience. This should be a painless quick process.


Here is the newest update. Its show that its linked but when I chose a track to play it doesnt start playing and it doesn’t carry over to the online player.


@david.laselle I’m glad you were able to link your device, and sorry that you then encountered another error. I can see the error in our logs and I will take a closer look as soon as I can.

There is also an issue that we are working on that can affect individual servers from time to time and causes the online player to be unresponsive to commands issued via the master interface.

The remedy (for now) is to click the “reconnect to a different server” button:


You might have to click a few times if multiple servers are affected. We track how many people have reported a problem with a server (via this button) and restart affected servers automatically.