Unable to invite player with my suscribtion - RESOLVED

Hello, For invite player for my rpg games, syrinscape told me i need an suscribtion, i take dungeon and dragon 5 suscribtion because i dont want scifi stuff… and after syrinscape told me i can’t invite player with this suscribtion and its only available with supersyrin suscribe… So, i take supersyrin suscribtion and after, syrinscape told me i can’t activate my 2 months suscribtion to supersirinscape, because i got dungeon and dragon suscribtion… what im suposed to do now… i build suscribtion for invite player for my game and now im suposed to whait 2 month without possibility of invite players ??? wat im suposed to do with my supersirinscape suscribtion 2 month code now… I really dislike your method, is really user unfriendly. what can i do now ? I have to whait 2 months and whaste my time for nothing or i have an other solutions for this case ? Or i have to build a second accunt ?? is really annoying.

Hi Michael,

We can sort you out. Obviously the server is simply not coping with overlapping subs of different types activated by different methods.

I’ll contact you on your account email and sort you out. Let me know if you don’t hear from me directly. :slight_smile:

Also: THANK YOU for your support as a sub!!!

Thanks for solve my problem and for fast reply. :grinning:


same issue
please help

Hi @nate.schleicher, I think Ben has already answered this for you on email?