Unable to authenticate



I’ve been a Supersyrin user for more than 6 months now and ever since I started using the Syrinscape player, I seem unable to login to either of my regular (fantasy, scifi, boardgame) players. After starting them up and entering my login info, I always get the following message:
“Could not authenticate; check your connection and try again.”

My internet connection is fine, everything connected to the net works fine, even the new Syrinscape player, but I can’t access the traditional players.

Please advise,

Paul Boddou
RPG Crunch


Hi Paul, the website, Syrinscape online and the Players all use the same password verification so if you can log into one you should be able to log into the other.

Here are a few things for you to try;

  1. Don’t use autofill to fill either field. Type everything in by hand
  2. Make sure you hit DONE or NEXT after each bit of entry to make sure it actually goes into Syrinscape (though that is usually an iPad prob).
  3. Stomp on the Goblins…!!!


Hi @paul.boddou

Working for you now?! :slight_smile:


Sadly, no.

I can access Syrinscape on my cellphone and the Online player, but not Syrin Fantasy, Scifi or Boardgame players separately on my pc. I have tried everything, including reinstalling.


SO, sounds like you can log in. AND you know the internet connection you are attached to is working… so SOMETHING on the system must be blocking Syrinscape’s access to our servers.

We have had some people int he past with virus that insert adds into webpages as they are delivered to the browser = Goriallaware type virus. Virus checker up to date? Recent scan? That sort of thing?


Also, firewall blocking Syrinscape, obviously. :smiley: