Unable to Access Anything but Free Soundsets



Just opened my Syrinscape player on my PC and it keeps giving me a message that it can’t validate my activated soundsets and that I should check my internet connection. I’ve done this several times and restarted my computer so grateful for advice on how to solve please.

I am paying for the full subscription but don’t seem to be able to use it at all at the moment.



That normally means you are logging in with the wrong details or leaving a trailing space ect.

  1. Make sure your password contains no accented symbols and is just plain ASCII characters
  2. Don’t use autofill to fill either field. Type everything in by hand
  3. Make sure you hit DONE or NEXT after each bit of entry to make sure it actually goes into Syrinscape (though that is usually an iPad prob).
  4. Stomp on the Goblins…!!!

If that still doesnt work for you then drop us an email to support and we can take a look at your account and reset your password if necessary :slight_smile:



Sorry, that’s not the issue. The password and email are recognised as my account but after a few seconds I’m given the message above. I have used the same login details to log into the forums to post this so no issues there.



@zoejefflloyd I’ve reset your available chapter data and blessed devices. You still might get an error when you first launch the app as it may have initially try to use some old cached data. If you still have an issue, can you try:

  • Logout and then login again via the Fantasy Player app
  • Go to settings and click “Reload” in the Fantasy Player app
  • Try the Sci-Fi Player app
  • Quote the exact error message for me
  • Create a new Windows user account and launch the app when logged in to your computer as the new Windows user. You can delete the Windows user account afterwards, this is just to check if there’s something wrong in the local Windows user account specific Fantasy Player app settings


Hi. I’m still getting the same error messages on both players. It says, as stated below:

“We failed to validate your activated soundsets. Please ensure you are connected to the internet and login again”

I don’t have the time or the inclination to create a new windows account I’m afraid. I log in to my PC through an admin account all the time and that shouldn’t be an issue. This has been going on for far too long now and is still unresolved. I haven’t used Syrinscape in quite a while because of this issue and I am still paying for the full package. Please advise on an actual solution or cancel my subscription and refund my payments since I raised this issue. Thanks



Having given this further thought I have sent an email to the support email address asking that you cancel my subscriptions. I have cancelled my payment instructions and expect to be refunded for any payments in advance I have made.



Hi @zoejefflloyd, I’ve replied directly to your email