UKGE Interview of Syrinscape's Ben Loomes on The Rolistes Podcast

Hello everyone,

I thought your community might be interested by my recent short interview with Ben Loomes (I assume you know that he’s the creator of Syrinscape) recorded at this year’s UK Games Expo.

In addition, the episode includes several other interviews (with a rather strong ‘French Touch’) including:

  • Constance, a volunteer from the booth of Agate Editions publisher of Shadows of Esteren;
  • Laura Hofmann from Black Book Editions, another French publisher, and the crowdfunding platform Game On Tabletop;
  • Francois Rousselot and Clarisse May, respectively the composer and singer of the music album Adeliane for Shadows of Esteren.

We even have a little contest to win ticket for the next Shadows of Esteren concert at Spiel in Essen (Germany). Listen to the show to find out how to win your tickets.

This episode was made possible through the support of listeners via Patreon.

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Thanks for posting this up. I put the interview on Facebook and Twitter and totally forgot to post it here! I blame it on convention fatigue, or age :smile:

You are too kind.

Thank you very much.

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