UI Scale not Staying


I have recently (finally) downloaded the Sci Fi windows 10 player as my friends and I are about to start a Starfinder campaign. The issue I am currently having is that the UI Scale that I set won’t stay. It is fine while the app is open, but when I close and try to re-open the app, it reverts to normal 100%. The buttons are sadly a little large for my fatfingers to operate on my little laptop screen and the UI scale being up helps IMMENSELY, but it is frustrating to keep resetting every time I open the app. any fix or workaround? Or am I missing something?


Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery soon there’ll be a version of Syrinscape released with this feature = remembering the zoom level you set.

I’m so sorry it’s taken ages to get this into the public build of Syrinscape, it’s been in our test versions for ages… but dev crunches have slowed down the timing on when we have been able to get out a public release.

It is now literally NEXT on our list. I hope this very next week!

Stay tuned!


alright glad I’m not just going crazy. first game won’t be for a couple weeks still, so hopefully all set before then. and thank you for the quick response!