Tyranny of Dragons Soundset


Hi ! I’m about to run the Tyranny of Dragon Campaign which was re-released as a new book this year by Wizards of The Coast and I was wondering if there is any work in progress to release a Sounset for this campaign ?

If not, Do you have any recommandation for someone like me who has a D&D subscription account for any moods to use while doing this campaign ?

Thanks !


What sorts of locations/sounds/monsters/moods are you in need of? I can recommend what you need!


If we start from the first part which is Hord of the Dragon Queen:

Chapter 1 : a city being attacked by a blue dragon, swarmed by kobolds and ambush drakes, cultist leading the attack.

Chapter 2 : scout a Cultist camp (kobolds, cultists, guards)

Chapter 3: Dragon Hatchery (caves, stirges, kobolds, cultist, guards,troglodytes,)

Chapter 4: Elturel (city) , Baldur’s Gate (city), Voyage Carriage,

Chapter 5 : Waterdeep (trolls, ogres, lizardfolk, guards,)

Chapter 6 : Castle, spiders, lizards, frogs, lizardfolk, yuan-ti, bullywugs, cultists, gargoyles,ooze)

Chapter 7: Hunting Lodge (trolls, drakes,kobolds)

Chapter 8 : Village, Skyreach Castle ( Stone Golems, Ogre, stone giants, drakes, Red wizard of Thay, Gargoyle, Vampire, Griffon, Air Elemental, Adult White Dragon)


Ok, so Red Dragon City Raid is your starting point, and then just sub out the red dragon breath with the blue dragon breath from Xin-Shalast. Kobold Lair has lots of kobold battle sounds, Dragon Battle can suit for additional roaring/claws for the ambush drakes, and Spellcaster - Sorcerer can work for the cultist. Or Cleric Spells (Kyra) or Wizard Spells (Erzan).

Kobolds come up again and again, so Kobold Lair is your friend. Menador Keep is good for guards and ambushes in several situations, and also for cultists. It has quieter moods for scouting, or if there is a specific location (like Swamp, Farmland, or Witchwoods (woods)/Elven Vale Day/Night (woods)) you can use those to augment. Any casting cultists with the sets suggested in Chapter 1.

Devourer Battle has a good cave exploration mood. Kobolds, cultists, and guard as above. Wave Echo Cave has a stirge battle. Dungeon of the Mad Mage Level 4 has a troglodyte battle.

Magnimar or Brindle Town are good city sets. There is a Baldur’s Gate set. And Wagon Journey would be for the carriage voyage.

There is a Waterdeep set, Menador Keep for guards, Ogre Battle for ogres, Danger at Dunwater I or II for lizardfolk, and there is a Troll Battle set.

Menador Keep for a castle, cultists as above, Danger at Dunwater I or II for lizardfolk, Danger at Dunwater I for bullywugs and lizards, cultists as above, frogs are in the Swamp set (or there is a frog demon mood in Heroes of Undarin 3), I would use the Angel in the Tower set (mood Xanesha) for yuan-ti, there is an Ooze Battle set. There are gargoyles in battle in the Cindermaw and Flameford battle, but it’s heavily mixed with a panicking camp and fast swordplay. You may be better off with Dream Quest II’s ceramic guardians mood mixed with wings from Nightgaunt Battle.

All of those battles are above, and I’d try Phandalin for your hunting lodge ambiance.

Brindle Town for the village, and Menador Keep for the castle along with some elements from Mountain Pass or Fort Rannick. Ogres, dragons, and gargoyles I’ve already covered above. There is a White Dragon (Mountainside) set. A Stone Giants set. Griffon - The Spider’s Web, use the Owlbear Battle and combine it with the gargoyle wings elements from Cindermaw and Flameford set. The Ancient Library has a stone golem mood, Death and Virtuosi has a vampire battle mood, and use Elemental - Fire to get roars and use Elements - Wind to get the rushing wind for an air elemental.

I hope that helps!


That is awesome ! Thank you so much for your help !


As always @HECook you are amazing! :grin: