Twitch/Discord 3rd Party Integration


Hey all,

I’m working on a script that would allow for control of local Syrinscape (i.e. a standalone player) from Twitch/Discord.

I was just wondering whether there was any interest from other people in my project, either helping with it, or using it.


I don’t know if this is relevant to you or not, but if you’re using Twitch/Discord then I assume you’re also using a VTT. If you are, and if you are using Fantasy Grounds, then a Syrinscape-Fantasy Grounds-Integration Extension (Plug-In) to do what you’re attempting to do already exists - its called the DOE:Sound.

If ythis is of interest to you then talk to us here or look it up on the FG Forums.

If this is not of interest / relevance to you, then good luck in your endevours.



While I have seen your integration, and it looks pretty cool, it does a significantly different thing than what I am working on.

To clarify, I am working on a script to allow some control (e.g. triggering sound effects) from viewers via twitch chat or discord, to engage the audience. (Many streamers have things like this, but they are simple audio files, not rich sound like Syrinscape)