Tutorials for the Syrinscape Offline Players

Hi everyone,

If you’re new to the Syrinscape Offline Players (Fantasy Player, Sci-Fi Player etc.) and wondering how to get started, we now have a new series of tutorials to take you through the basics all the way up to customising Moods, Creating your own Campaigns and using the 3rd party links.

You can find the 5-part series here on YouTube.

If you have any further questions, maybe something we missed, then let us know. We’re always happy to help.


super newbie here. watched the video where guy sets up sound sets for a paizo game in person. I followed the same steps but can’t find custom moods. How do i add a custom moods sound set to my campaign. it was his very first step!

Do you have to use the online campaign browser to change to a different sound set? I see all the soundsets I downloaded, but I can’t just click and have it open without putting them in a certain order online and then reloading the player. Is there an easier way?

I think I’ve got you on the support email, right? :slight_smile: