Turn of 3D sound variation?

We have been using the Cyberpunk sound sets in our CP Red online games recently. Here’s our set up:

We use discord for communication
We play music through discord with Rythym
I have VoiceMeeter Banana on my PC and the Syrinscape app
I pipe the Syrinscape app output through discord to the players

One of the things we’ve noticed and found a bit annoying, however, is the random sound location for the gunshots in the built in soundsets. I figure this is to model the sound in a 3D space. This issue is that rather than making the gunshots sound like they are coming for different locations around the players, it often just makes them inaudible (even to me running the program). It is a cool feature, certainly, to be able to model a sound in a 3D space and randomly move it around to give the sound effect a more realistic feel but, frankly, I just want the sound to play in the same place every time for our games. It is annoying to click the gunshot sound and get “nothing” in response. Is there a setting to turn off this 3D modelling for non-custom sound sets?

I and my players would appreciate any help