Troubles in Otari

Wasn’t Troubles in Otari supposed to come out in 2022? Almost half way through 2023 now. How far into production is it?

Over a month with no reply.

Hey, sorry for the slow reply. If you are looking for a quick response you are always best emailing us at support as post here on the forums can very easily get overlooked and missed.

Troubles in Otari is still a SoundPack that we do intend to build but it isn’t one that we have yet been able to cover. It is still very much on our list of upcoming content though!

In the mean time we have lots of Pathfinder SoundSets that would be suitable for the adventure and if you are looking for anything specific then describe the scene here or under SoundSet Suggestions and I’m sure someone will be able to offer some great suggestions

Disappointed to hear it hasn’t even been started on, but thank you for the update.