Triggering one shots as part of a mood

Hi lovely people. Is there a way to trigger a one shot as part of a mood, rather than triggering it manually? I have noticed such things done in official releases, but have not yet figured out whether I can do it myself. As a workaround I usually do one of two things:

  • Turn the one shot into a sound effect and set the repeat to five minutes, which is fine as long as players don’t spend more than five minutes in the location. Otherwise there’s a sudden reintroduction of a sound that doesn’t fit and which breaks immersion.

  • Duplicate the mood and switch to the one without the altered one shot immediately after the one shot has fired, which I sometimes forget to do and therefore immersion is broken again.

If there’s a way to avoid this I would love to know. Thanks kind Syrinscapers.

Two things come to mind, one is that you can try leaving the Element as sfx, but turning off “Repeat when the playlist is exhausted?”
Or you could add the Element to the Mood (as a sfx), and then turn the Element into a OneShot. That seems to work too?

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I was also able to just now play a OneShot, and Save Current State before it ended, and that added it to my Mood also. Not convinced this is actually intended to work, but it looks like it does :smiley:

Looks like you can also use the pencil to put in much longer sample delays than 5 minutes, although I do not know how well that is supported in the player, and does not make sense to use in this case if turning off repeat is actually what you want:

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@ryan.cassar That’s awesome. Sounds so simple once you hear it. :joy: Seriously though, those are far better solutions than I had come up with. Thank you.

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@ryan.cassar So thinking about it, I could go into the element playlist and remove all but one sample, then turn off the repeat feature. That’s perfect. Thanks again.

Yes, I was just about to clarify the turning off repeat would only work if the Element only had one sample in the Playlist :+1: If that works in your case, then I think we have a winner :slight_smile:

@ryan.cassar We certainly do. I’ve only been noodling around with the master interface for a couple of weeks, but feel I’m getting so much more out of it already. Loving it. Thanks.

Note: you can make a OneShot play with a Mood by:

  1. focus on the Mood you want to edit
  2. focus on the OneShot you want to play with it
  3. open the Mood Element Inspector
  4. check the check box to make it play with that mood (and set the volume you want it to play)
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Info on this feature at 3:05 in this video:

Helps? :slight_smile:


@benjamin Ah, that’s brilliant. Thanks for pointing out the right video too. These tutorials are great.

@benjamin I knew there must have been more to the Mood Element feature than I was getting. Every time I go into Syrinscape (which is pretty much every day - becoming a bit obsessed actually) I feel like I learn a new feature that opens up so many more possibilities. It’s great. :+1:

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Glad to see the real expert weighing in on this :slight_smile: Thanks @benjamin!

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And note: there is a slight bug that means:

  1. when you create a brand new element, it won’t get a Mood Element inspector until you SAVE CURRENT STATE or Refresh the browser.

So that may explain, why you sometimes haven’t seen that. :bug: :hammer:
We’ll get to fixing that one soooometime!