Transcode stuck?

Is anyone else having problems with uploading new audio clips and having the transcode never complete?

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I’m having the same issue; “Preparing download for sci-fi player” for hours now.

Thanks for reporting this. Never hesitate to let us know if something seems weird. :grinning:

Related to the outage yesterday, some processes didn’t recover. We have kicked the server and it is now working through all the overdue tasks (kinda like a naughty student with late homework).

You should see your tasks get done shortly.

Let us know if you are still waiting in half an hour.

And once again, THANK you for your patience. :wink:

I just tried to upload two songs today and it looks like they’re stuck in Transcode.

I have been having the same issue over the last week or so. Transcribing taking a long time. Loaded some elements yesterday, and this morning they are still in “Transcode Pending” state. For what its worth, I’m only leveraging Syrinscape through the online interface.

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Glad to know it’s not just me.

I was also using the online interface if that helps support track down the bug.

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Yes, it looks like a few people have had a similar issue today. Our Dev team are aware and are looking into it. Once they have found the cause of the issue, which should hopefully shouldn’t take to long they should be able to get the process started again, which will allow all of the transcoding jobs currently in the queue process.

Thanks for letting us know!

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This issue should be resolved now, thanks for the report!