Transcode Pending

Usually it’s pretty quick, but seems stuck today.

This is my first time using Syrinscape but so far I’ve not been able to play any of the files that I have uploaded as they’re all stuck at transcode pending. Reassuring to know that it is usually faster than this but it’s been slightly frustrating so far.

Same here. Transcoding seems to be down at the moment. Usually only takes seconds, depending on the size of the file. I’m sure it’ll be up again before long.

Thank you all for the reports! I have kicked the servers to help them shake off the sleep spell some goblinoid spell caster cast on it :grimacing:

It will be busy for a while as it catches up with everything it didn’t do while asleep, but should be back to transcoding new samples shortly!


Thanks for taking a look!

I just checked back on some of my samples that were pending from this morning, and while they are now marked as completed, none of them produce any sound when played.

Also, I attempted to upload some new samples, and they appear to also be stuck transcoding forever again.

Please let me know if there’s any info I can provide to assist.

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You’re right the job runner that does the transcoding was backing up a bit when you made that report, but it has caught up again now. My understanding is there are 2 different tasks that need to happen before you can hear a Sample played in the Web Player, both the transcode to generate the file with the appropriate encoding, and then another pass to analyze that file to find its duration and things like this. I suspect your files were stuck in between those two steps which is why the playback failed?

If you are still having issues, it would be helpful to provide some details of which ones, so I can have a closer look. That said, I did do a check of what should be all the Samples you currently have used in any SoundSet you own, and they seemed to have all their data (now at least!).

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Ahh, got’cha. Well it looks like everything is working now! Thank you for prodding things as needed.

I just reupload those previous samples to get them to work; easy and only took a second.

Thanks again for your help!

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No problems at all, glad we got things moving for you, and of course don’t hesitate to reach out with any future concerns! :+1:

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