Touch scrolling problem on Android


Just downloaded the Android app and the touch scrolling is really wonky. When I try to scroll, it ends up selecting the box under my finger and does not scroll. Only when I SLOWLY move my finger, it actually scrolls. I can not scroll at normal or fast speed. I also can’t seem to use the tiny scroll bar either.

I’m using the app on a Samsung Galaxy S8 with up-to-date OS.



I use a Galaxy S8 too… :slight_smile: Great phone… huh!?

Of course, the interface was primarily designed with PCs and Tablets in mind… but we ported it over to phones for when people really need to do that… and yes, scrolling is more of a challenge the smaller and smaller the interface area gets. Sorry about that!

There are some better and worse places to touch the area (to avoid clicking things). Try near the edges?

Aditionally, note that a quick touch is always interpreted as a click and a long contact works as a scroll… so I guess making sure you are making good contact with a good clean screen and clean finger?!

Helps much?! :smiley: