This is my "Lycanthrope Battle" custom mood

So here’s a custom mood I created based off the Lycanthrope Stalker. My favorite music is the chanting that really makes this mood cool.

Here’s a 30 second clip.


Very cool… buuuuuut unfortunately the Custom Moods don’t get saved by the campaign setting you’ve shared.

Only the ordering you’ve set up for the very left column get’s saved and is sharable like you’ve shared. :smile:

Nice sounds, though!!!

I’m not surprised by that :frowning: Good thing I wrote this up for Caldeth.

Lycanthrope Stalker
Lycanthrope Battle, Dogs upset, Lycanthrope Breathing, Lycanthrope growl, Raining, What was that?, Disturbing Wind, Echoing voices, Lycanthrope Howl, Lycanthrope Roar Distant, Distant adults panicing, Claws tearing flesh, Lycanthrope battle, Axe and Shield, Claw scratches

Red Dragon City Raid - Cathedral warning bells (would like a church clock gong as well, but the warning bells work too.)

DoD Masquerade Ball - Horrified victims, Terrified people

Fountain Room - Thunder claps

Goblin Battle - Womenfolk screaming, Children screaming

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Yep, looking at adding it to Lycanthrope Stalker, was planning on making a few tweaks to it anyway :grin: